iCODONS is a leading digital technology solutions provider. We help businesses to stay ahead of the changing digital landscape. We develop and implement digital solutions and technical strategy.

Continuous Delivery of Digital Ideas

We blend the concepts of digital marketing, user experience design, agile software development, cloud computing and big data analytics to produce innovative and integrated digital solutions. We specialises in bespoke and white-label technical solutions. We take a great pride in our continuos delivery model.

We offer our clients on-demand as well as ongoing services as CTO (Chief Technology Officer) or CMT (Chief Marketing Technologist) or some time as CSA (Chief Solutions Architect).


iCODONS was founded in 2008 in Auckland. It quickly grew to be a leading digital technology solutions provider. Although we are relatively young, in last 5 years we have served more than 20 clients and executed around 50 projects.

To learn more about us, we recommend that you read digital and technology sections of this website.