Anil Thomas


Anil is founding partner and CEO at iCODONS. At iCODONS, Anil looks after most of our business development activities in Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South American countries.

You can find more information about him on TwitterLinkedIn or you can also email Anil for any business related queries.

Hiro Nakatani


Hiro is Chief Operating Officer at iCODONS. At iCODONS, Hiro leads our operations and delivery team.

You can find him on LinkedIn or email Hiro for project delivery related queries.

Madhu Pandey


Madhu is Chief Technology Officer at iCODONS. At iCODONS, Madhu leads our technology team. She has a PhD in Computer Science.

You can find her on LinkedIn or email Madhu for technology related queries.

Abhishek Tiwari

technology advisor

Abhishek has a background in computational bioengineering, big-data analytics and agile web development. He worked with iCODONS from June 2010 to November 2011 as Information & Big Data Architect and architected several web and data solutions.

You can find Abhishek on Twitter and for more information visit his website.