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V.me Digital Checkout

iCODONS is now providing technology implementation for the Visa Inc’s new digital wallet service V.me. V.me service is now available in US and Canada. By end of this year, Visa will be rolling out V.me service for selected European and APAC countries. In terms of core offering, V.me is not very different from PayPal. V.me offers some advantages over PayPal […]

frictionless e-commerce

Frictionless e-commerce – yet another overused marketing phrase these days. To be honest this is not really a marketing term. The term frictionless e-commerce or more broadly frictionless retailing was coined by Jeff Bezos of Amazon.com. Jeff’s core idea was the making online discovery frictionless. Over the time new contexts have been added in the list like frictionless checkout, frictionless browsing, […]


After 5 months in closed alpha, last week the Google Universal Analytics went public beta. This is one of the very powerful offerings by Google Analytics Team. Let face it – universal tracking is hard. Consumers are using multiple devices. Businesses are using new platforms. Universal Analytics brings the analytics for multi-channel, multi-platform and multi-device at one place. Universal […]

Google is a digital company

Google was used to be a search company, a technology company but Google is now turned into a digital marketing company. This transition is quite visible and it is good for Google’s long-term future. Make no mistake but this is the future of most of technology companies. Yahoo is still considered as media company. At end of […]

No doubt, cloud computing is hot at the moment. Everyone is jumping onto the bandwagon before it become too late for them. Currently data clouds seems to be a major focus for most of the companies and institutions adopting cloud computing in their long term strategy. These organizations are using data clouds for both on […]

IBM expert Jai Menon explains how organizations can build systems that recognize patterns in data, draw predictions on what might happen next, and prescribe solutions for the future.

Just a starter post for our brand new blog, an inspirational TED talk by Simon Sinek. So if you like the video, be sure to leave us a comment.