Frictionless e-commerce is about online discovery

frictionless e-commerce

Frictionless e-commerce – yet another overused marketing phrase these days. To be honest this is not really a marketing term. The term frictionless e-commerce or more broadly frictionless retailing was coined by Jeff Bezos of

Jeff’s core idea was the making online discovery frictionless. Over the time new contexts have been added in the list like frictionless checkout, frictionless browsing, frictionless customer acquisition, frictionless subscription but none of them are more important than discovery.

So focus on discovery first. In terms of frictionless discovery,

  • Product search and taxonomy is foremost important
  • Develop information architecture around search and taxonomy
  • Once you above two right, focus on a content strategy (better product title and description)
  • Product recommendation is next, make sure you use the taxonomy for context based recommendation

Most of e-commerce companies make mistake around product search and taxonomy. E-commerce taxonomy is a science and most powerful product taxonomies are developed around ontologies, well-defined semantics and controlled vocabularies. Create a taxonomy strategy around hierarchical categories and tags. Develop clear distinction between categories and tags make sure your customers understand it.

E-commerce taxonomy is one of the core expertise of iCODONS team. So talk to us and learn how we can help you to develop a taxonomy which will scale with your catalogue (1 million or 10 million products).