Measuring Multi-channel Interactions With Universal Analytics


After 5 months in closed alpha, last week the Google Universal Analytics went public beta. This is one of the very powerful offerings by Google Analytics Team.

Let face it – universal tracking is hard. Consumers are using multiple devices. Businesses are using new platforms. Universal Analytics brings the analytics for multi-channel, multi-platform and multi-device at one place.

Universal Analytics can be used to measure and track multi-channel interactions between customer and your business (offline or online). It enables to measure user activity in any digital environment as long as it is connected to internet. It opens up opportunities to collect and stream user-interaction (event/hit) data from any kind of digital device using HTTP measurement protocols. It can be a Point of sale (POS) system or supermarket racks equipped with new kind of sensors collecting and streaming data over HTTP.

One of the important use case will be measuring the customer loyalty – how people become customer and remain loyal. Using Universal Analytics your business will be able to measure offline to online conversion and vice versa. In nutshell Universal Analytics will enable discovery of relationships between the channels that drive conversions.