Java and spring framework

We heavily rely on Spring Framework for Java-based enterprise applications. Our Spring solutions are cloud-ready and we support major cloud platforms (both PasS and IaaS). Our excellent support for hybris is developed around our Spring services.

Scala , Lift and Play

For secure, highly interactive, scalable web applications we prefer to use Lift and Play. Lift and Play are designed to develop high-performance, scalable web framework by leveraging Scala actors to support more concurrent requests than is possible with a thread-per-request server.

Python & Django

Normally Django is our first choice for rapid web application development. Django helps us to create reusable, secure and agile web applications. Python is used extensively for these web application including settings, files, data models and continuous deployment Fabric scripts.

jQuery, BACKBone.js and Less

On front end side we prefer to use jQuery/Backbone.JS for interactive and intuitive user experience design including extreme Ajax . To make css more object-oriented and dynamics we stick with less css, a dynamic stylesheet language which extends CSS with dynamic behaviors such as variables, mixins etc.